Grafikdust — Murilo Maciel


Sweet Jesus is a café that prides itself on injecting the highest-level of creativity and crafting possible into everything they do. They want their franchise document to do just the same. The kit features a white vegan leather bible-inspired book, with a concealment and embossed logo. Within lies a 3D printed popsicle and a custom-designed franchise document. This 60+ page brochure features original 3D renderings, in addition to original photography from internationally renowned photographer Matt Barnes.

- OneMethod


Art Direction
3D Illustration

Agency: OneMethod 
Executive Creative Direction: Amin Todai 
Creative Direction: Max Sawka
Art Direction: Oleg Fedotov, Murilo Maciel
Designer:  Oleg Fedotov
Copywriting: Max Sawka
Illustration / 3D Artist: Murilo Maciel  
Typography: Murilo Maciel