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Ryan Crouchmann

Jessica Brasil
David Beauchemin
Mira Moscatel-Gauthier
Clare Chow


The Bay     

As Canada’s oldest brand, The Bay needed to evolve its business model and brand in order to connect with a new generation of consumers. Part of this involved transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer to a digital-first lifestyle marketplace. lg2 helped The Bay reestablish itself as the ultimate Canadian lifestyle retailer with a new 300+ pages brand guidelines, an updated loyalty program and a redesigned credit card program.

We developed a flexible and elevated design system that works at the speed and volume of retail, regardless of the message or medium. And to underscore the retailer’s iconic status, we used The Bay’s iconic stripes as a simplified brand signature and visual endorsement on every piece of creative.
For the loyalty Rewards program, we created an ownable brand platform that feels like a natural extension of The Bay’s master brand through its bold, immersive treatment of the four iconic brand colours. The Rewards rebrand also included a redesigned member Mastercard, a new website and the creation of a launch and acquisition campaign.
In the end, we helped breathe new life into The Bay, and repositioned a centuries-old company as Canada’s most iconic lifestyle retailer.

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